Keeping Your Computer Clean

The more business and personal transactions that you do on your computer, the more important it is to keep your computer clean of any spyware and malware.  Another reason to do this is that those software tools will slow down your computer quite a bit!  I personally HATE when my computer gets gummed up by weird malware and adware.  Recently I ran into a problem with the Babylon search toolbar that took over my browser search settings.  It’s a bit like the Conduit search fiasco, but it’s slightly different.  The best way to remove Babylon search is to use a malware removal software program.  This is the easiest.  You can remove it manually, but that takes a long time and who has time for that?

When I get malware on my computer it seems to slow everything down.  Here are a few tips on keeping that pesky malware OFF of your computer:

Don’t download stuff that you don’t need.  Usually malware and adware piggybacks along with free download type software products from those “free download” sites.  With the rise of moblie devices these internet cesspools have lost some popularity, however they are still around and people still download from them.  Stay away.  The only times I’ve really had issues with malware and adware it has usually come from one of those stupid free downloads.

Alongside this, don’t download torrents or movies/music etc.  Those programs such as Bearshare, Kazaaa, and others are often the entrypoint for malware and adware.  So, just be aware that you might get attacked if you use those software tools.

Another thing to do is to employ the use of spyware removal software tools like Spyhunter or Malwarebytes.  These programs are quite useful as they can easily and quickly get rid of malware that has worked its way onto your computer.

If you really must peruse bad internet neighborhoods like adult, gambling, and download sites, then you might want to consider getting yourself a cheap netbook to do these things with.  That way your personal information is safe and secure.  DO not do any purchasing or banking on this device, obviously.

If you think that using a Mac is a great way to avoid malware, then think again.  More and more malware and viruses are attacking Macs as it gains a greater market share of active computer users.  Also, mobile malware is out there for Androids and increasingly for iOS.

Lastly, ensure that all of your software as well as your operating system is up to date.  Usually software updates contain security patches and if you don’t update, you’ll be vulnerable to threats that exploit these holes.

Better internet practices can keep you safe from spyware malware and adware.  So do your due dilligence!